October Meeting – General workshop

Despite a heavy rain shower giving several club members a soaking whilst bringing in their trees,there was a good turn out of members, to the October meeting. A number of evergreen trees were worked on, in particular pines, as this is a good time of the year to do this. Some key information from Neil on pines, especially Japanese white Pine, is to avoid the soil getting too wet over winter, to prevent root rot. It is also important to wait a season between either re-potting or styling to reduce the stress on the tree and optimise it’s development potential. On the display table were a number of deciduous trees showing some wonderful autumn colours, including the maple forest planting that Brian had previously shown at the Heathrow Bonsai Show back in September.

Work on members trees included the removal of old needles from a collected Scots pine that Brian had been developing for many years. Neil and Mark did some styling on their Japanese White pines and Kevin re-potted a small Yew tree that he had bought from a garden centre several years ago. Also welcome to new member Adam, who worked on wiring his Scots pine.

Thanks to all those who attended, we look forward to next months meeting, which will be the final one of the year.

2 thoughts on “October Meeting – General workshop

  1. Hello

    Would you please be good enough to update the link to Taunton and Somerset website to http://somersetbonsaiclub.uk

    Many thanks

    Nigel Wright


    1. Hi Nigel
      The link should be updated now.


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