September Meeting – Tropical and sub-tropical bonsai talk by Neil Hutchings

September’s meeting saw a good turn out of members, including a potential new one. Neil gave a talk on tropical and sub-tropical bonsai. The care and maintenance of a number of species was discussed including Ficus, Podocarpus and Syzygium. It was interesting to find out that a mid summer re-potting is recommended for Ficus instead of the usual early Spring time. Neil also demonstrated the pruning and re-potting of two Ficus Benjamina trees. The Ficus is a fast growing and strong species. Neil told us the story of a Ficus that he was given with no soil and a single green bud that had gone from an almost dead tree to making a full recovery (Photographic evidence provided!). The Podocarpus he brought along had developed some fruit, tasting similar to a plum, which some members tried. Just don’t confuse the fruit for the toxic seeds! Many thanks to Neil for the talk which is sure to inspire some members to give tropical bonsai a try.

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