January Meeting – Basics of Bonsai

2022 got off to a good start with a talk on the basics of our art, given by Neil, who went into some depth on how to look after and care for our trees. He explained how to start right from scratch, from seedlings and cuttings, as well as shedding light on some of the pitfalls of using nursery material. Watering and feeing, as well as wiring were all covered, finishing off with an on the spot re-potting demonstration, showing us how to use these moments when we can get into the roots, for improving the nebari. Many thanks Neil.

Next month we’ve got a practical workshop, creating a Root over Rock image. We have got hold of some young Field Maple whips, which we will supply at no charge, all you have bring is a suitable rock and a pot large enough to plant your rock once you have attached your tree. Also bring enough soil for your planting. The trees are small, so don’t make your rock too large! If anyone already has any form of rock planting, please bring it/them along for others to see.

It was also nice to see a few new faces at the meeting, so welcome to Mark, Sean and Theresa.

The dig in March is going ahead this year, we have been granted permission by the rangers at Haldon Hill, who despite the introduction of new ‘red tape’, have bent over backwards for us. Many thanks there as well. We will meet in the car park at 10am and (hopefully!) will then continue to the dig site. Any vehicles left in the main car park will be subject to usual charges.

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