June 2018 – Junipers with Neil Hutchings

Our meeting for June brought a talk by Neil Hutchings of Devon Bonsai on the subject of Junipers and their cultivation as Bonsai. Neil took us through the various species of juniper commonly used here and and those classically cultivated in Japan, covering the strengths and drawbacks of each. Also covered were the grafting techniques used to capitalise on the strength of different species in the same piece of material. Other techniques Neil described were those used to cultivate the examples of junipers on display. These included growing from seed, taking cuttings, field growing, repotting, creation of deadwood and control of pests and disease. We were joined by new faces once again this month which is brilliant news. Any newcomers are more than welcome so please come and join us if interested. Many thanks to Neil for preparing the talk for us, anyone looking to get into Bonsai should visit his nursery (http://www.devonbonsai.co.uk), it’s a great place to start!


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