September 2017 – Neil Hutchings talk on pines

So this month we had Neil Hutchings of Devon Bonsai give us a talk and demonstration on repotting pines. He chose a collected Scots pine, around 18 years since collecting as a seedling. Since then after some years field grown it was potted into its box where it has remained for 3 years. As a result it was draining poorly and ready for a repot. Neil explained how pines react well to this at this time of year then went on to demonstrate the process. One slight hiccough was encountered however when it was discovered that too much root mass would need to be removed for the tree to be placed in the chosen pot. These things happen! So off went the pine back to the nursery where a more suitable pot could be found. Of the members’ trees most notable was John’s large Japanese White Pine, recently wired and looking good how ever there was some discussion as to what style pot it should go into next…

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